Friday, November 6, 2009

SATANIC MASONIC Groups Continue TO I.D. Children! -NWO Prototype for Microchip implants

SATANIC MASONIC Groups Continue TO I.D. Children!

We held a CHIP event on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at the Seward Elementary School. It was succesful with over 100 children participating.

What is CHIP?

The Child Identification Program (CHIP) addresses the alarming fact that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. In 2005, over 2,000 children were reported missing in Nebraska. While most are found, many are not. Also, the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing in our society.

The Masonic CHIP Kit is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere. CHIP is provided at no charge to the public and all of the identifying items generated during CHIP are given to the child's family.

The CHIP Kit includes the following:

Videotape: A brief videotape interview is worth a thousand still photos. The CHIP interview captures the appearance, speech, mannerisms, and other important personal characteristics of a child. It can be quickly distributed via the media to reach a huge audience. It is the cornerstone of CHIP.

Fingerprinting: Fingerprinting is a well-known means of identification. Everyone's prints are unique. Resourceful parents keep fingerprints available should the need arise. Fingerprints will be done by law enforcement personnel.

Toothprints® bite impression is quick and easy. Teeth, like fingerprints, are unique. Even in a child who is losing and gaining teeth, a dental imprint gives both accurate and important information for identification purposes. Saliva on the Toothprints® also serves as a DNA sample for at least 3 years, but more importantly, serves as a scent tracer for recovery bloodhound dogs that can easily track saliva scent. Toothprints® will be taken by qualified dental personnel.

DNA Cheek Swab: The cheek swab provides DNA material for both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA matching for more than 20 years when properly frozen in a home freezer. DNA Cheek Swabs will be taken by qualified dental personnel.

Digital Still Photograph: A digital still photo is printed for use in The Amber Alert System or, if needed, by other proper authorities. Only the parent or guardian receives the print. No photos or files are retained by the Freemasons or other sponsoring organizations.

The Masonic CHIP Kit is provided at no charge to the children. Only the permission slip is retained by the Freemasons. No copies of any ID materials are kept on file by any of the organizers; the parents receive all ID materials and health information produced


  1. Bull Sh*t They are retaining the files for themselves. Look into all the organizations that are compiling this data. Many of them are connected. This a grab of control. A method used to help during the resistance. Wake up and look around. If this is an AMERICA that you can recognize than you deserve what is soon to come. Many have tried to warn you and you still treat your children as animals. They are not worth anymore than cattle. You chip your possessions. Doing this to your child is diminishing his or human worth. We are being desensitized.

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